Amazon Kindle Now Also an iPhone App

All you whiners who blabbed on and on about how you'd rather just read e-books on your iPhone: Amazon apparently heard you and now has a Kindle app out on iTunes. What?

The free program brings several of the Kindle's functions to the iPod and iPhone's much smaller, non E-Ink screen - including the same electronic books, magazines and newspapers that Kindle owners can buy on, and the ability to change text size, add bookmarks, note and highlight stuff. If you already have both a Kindle and an iPhone, Amazon's program will sync the two so that you can keep your bookmarks on both devices.

While my first thought was "Jesus (not Diaz), Amazon's bent on cannibalising itself," I guess the move kind of makes sense. People who want e-ink will still buy the Kindle, but perhaps this helps steal sales from the other iTunes eBook bookstore.

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