Alien-Eyed Samsung Camcorder Explained, Ships Early This Summer

At first, the confusing HMX-R10 drew comparisons—a submarine, a pill, a, cyclopic alien—but we didn't really get it. Now we know: it's a bid to fundamentally change how we handle cameras.

The photo above shows how, by mounting the lens at a strange angle, the HMX-R10 lets users to hold the camera at an more natural angle. Combined with the camera's svelte physique (Sammy claims it's the smallest 1080p camera in world), this means that taking video with the HMX-R10 is roughly akin to throwing your relaxed, slightly outstretched hand toward your subject.

Samsung may finally help kill the timeless fellate-o-film posture that we were all raised on, but not for a while. Tech-on calls the price at about $US550 when the item ships, which is April in the UK if Techradar is to be believed. [Tech-on]

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