93-Year-Old Japanese Man Certified as Double A-Bomb Victim

You have some lousy luck if you're near the site of an A-bomb strike. You have really, really bad luck if, three days later, you get hit with another nuke.

That's exactly what happened to Tsutomu Yamaguchi back in 1945. He was on a business trip in Hiroshima, where he suffered serious burns to his upper body after the US dropped a nuke on the city. He spent the night in the city then returned home to Nagasaki, just in time for the second bomb to drop.

He had previously been certified as a survivor of Nagasaki, but it's just recently that he's been certified as a survivor of both bombs. Of course, if the bombs were that bad, he wouldn't still be alive 64 years later. What's so bad about nukes, anyways? [AP]

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