5-Year-Old Stabs Older Sister to Get Nintendo DS

A five-year-old boy allegedly stabbed her ten-year-old sister over a Nintendo DS. The prosecutor says that little Chucky here thought the knife was part of a Power Rangers game. Update: It may have been the mother!

It happened in Uckange, France. Apparently, the prosecutor thinks the Power Rangers may be the key to his behaviour because in that game there is a part in which you have throw knives, which completely explains why a kid would try to kill her sister to get a Nintendo DS. Suuuure. Let's blame games.

Fortunately, there's also another explanation: The mother—who was sleeping in the house while all this happened—was a victim of domestic violence. Whatever it was, the good news is that the life of the stabbed kid is not at risk.

Update: The forensic office now says it's impossible the 5-year-old did this, so the police suspect the mother did it and blamed the kid, the DS, and the games. How nice of her. [Le Post via Kotaku]

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