59-Feet-Tall Gundam to Guard Tokyo Against Aliens, Enemy Robots

If you want to be safe against the potential attacks by aliens, enemy robots, and miscellaneous evil forces, move to Tokyo. There, a 59-feet Gundam will be guarding the city starting from this July.

Of course, if you are worried about alien invasions and enemy robots, maybe we will need the Gundam to protect us against you.

Sure, there was a 59-feet Gundam laying down in a park attraction already, but people, this one is standing out in the open, and its heads moves. So he can stare at its enemies until they are too embarrassed to keep destroying the Japanese megalopolis.

Unfortunately, the Gundam—which will be built on a steel frame using fiberglass-reinforced plastic—will only be up for two months to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the series. After that time, you will have to depend on your Gundam boots, like me. [Bouncing Red Ball via Anime News Network]

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