24 Solid State Drives Open ALL of Microsoft Office In .5 Seconds

Warning: This clip is a piece of Samsung marketing material.
Warning 2: It's actually pretty fracking amazing, and it might change your view of computers.

Samsung techies linked 24 of the company's 256GB SSD drives together in a RAID with the hopes of making the fast SSD drives even faster. The system actually reaches transfer speeds of 2GBps. What's that much speed mean to you?

• All of Microsoft Office opens in .5 seconds.
•53 programs from the test rig's Start menu open in 18 seconds.
•The complete system defrags in about 3 seconds.

Basically, we all know that hard drives are holding other components in computers back, slowing down our day to day usage. But I'll be honest in saying that I didn't think things were this bad. While almost no mortal could afford to build this amazing rig, suddenly that SATA3 technology isn't looking so impressive.

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