Windows 7 Pricing Starts at $US200? Ehh…

Windows 7 Pricing Starts at $US200? Ehh…
According to an ars technica source (who has no track record with insider knowledge), Windows 7 pricing will start at $US200 and grow from there. UDPATE: ars has retracted this story.

• Windows 7 Starter: $US199
• Windows 7 Home Premium: $US259
• Windows 7 Professional: $US299
• Windows 7 Ultimate: $US319

Our gut response is that $US200 is just too high for both Windows 7 Starter (which, incidentally, is not supposed to be purchasable by anyone but OEMs) and Home Premium—and that the entire price range is too compressed (four versions within $US120 just seems like a waste of everyone’s time).

But what do we know? How much would you pay for a Home Premium version of Windows 7? [ars technica]

UPDATE: As we said before the jump, ars has since retracted this story.