WikiLeaks Leaks its Own Sources Donors Due to Email Mishap

WikiLeaks Leaks its Own <s>Sources</s> Donors Due to Email Mishap
WikiLeaks, that controversial whistleblowing site that exposes confidential documents hinting at corporate or government malfeasance, was forced into a conundrum recently when somebody submitted their own secret mailing list as a leak. Updated

A member of the site had sent an emergency fund-raising appeal on Saturday to previous donors. But instead of hiding the email addresses, the sender accidentally put 58 addresses into the cc field, where they could be seen by all the recipients.

Someone then submitted the email to WikiLeaks with the comment “WikiLeaks leaks its own donors, aww irony. BCC next time kthx.” (This person seems like an asshole).

In an effort to show its “complete impartiality,” Wikileaks decided to post the email on their website. Good on them. Sure, it might make it hard to convince sources that they’ll remain anonymous (if they’re going to make amateur mistakes like revealing their own donors), but wouldn’t sidestepping your own principles be even worse? [Wired]