WhatTheFont For iPhone IDs Fonts From Text in Snapped Photos

Maybe I'm just a font geek, but I often wonder what typefaces are used for texts I run into in the world. WhatTheFont is a great free app that can solve those typographical mysteries instantly.

The process is really easy-snap a photo, crop it down to the area where text is the clearest, then help the app's text recognition divine which letters are which, and presto, your identification comes back with a list of choices. The app nailed each font I tried with black text on a plain white background, but it has a little trouble when different coloured backgrounds enter into play (like when I tried to identify the font for the Gizmodo logo on our page).

I tried it on my handwriting, and it actually found a few fonts that were pretty close. Apparently I write in a font called Giant Sized Spectacular Bold. Sounds about right. [WhatTheFont via Daring Fireball]

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