Watch and Listen To The Geniuses of This Week's TED Conference On Your iPhone

Are you feeling dumb today? I kind of am, and if I had time, I'd cure that by watching one of the TED Conference's smarties present what's beautiful, inspiring and interesting to them.

We've featured TED talks on the site pretty frequently, and If things like hearing firsthand from a neuroscientist what it felt like to have a massive stroke, or Will Wright's thought processes behind Spore, or a passionate pro-foie-gras argument (YES!)—that kind of thing—you'll dig TED talks.

They're not rolling out this year's talks live (they like to spread them out over time), but it looks like some of this week's talks will end up online soon, and you can catch everything they post on their site via a cool iPhone app, which is free.

Oh, and there's always a chance Bill Gates could unleash a swarm of mosquitoes on your arse, like he did today. Please, TED, get that video online ASAP!!! [TED - iTunes]

Update: You can grab this in the Android Market too, G1 users. Thanks, rockanon.

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