VLAD Uses Sticky Tentacles to Stop a Car Whether the Driver Likes it or Not

Sometimes, you need to stop a moving vehicle and you don't want to smash it into a wall. Enter VLAD: a device that fires out a sticky web to stop vehicles in their tracks.

VLAD stands for Vehicle Lightweight Arresting Device, and it's a new gizmo designed to stop car chases and the like without anyone getting hurt. It's a small device, one that's "as small as a spare tire, as light as a tire jack, and costs under a grand." It's an 18-inch-wide disk that you put on the road. When a car goes over it, sticky tentacles fly out and attach themselves to the axle, bringing it to a halt.

It appears to work pretty well in the above video, but that truck is only moving at 55 kilometres per hour. The creators are hoping to be able to stop a 5,000-pound truck moving at 190kph when all is said and done. [Danger Room]

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