Virgin Are Giving Away A Virgin Galactic Flight… (Kind Of)

Virgin <em>Are</em> Giving Away A Virgin Galactic Flight… (Kind Of)

virgin galactic.jpgOh God yes. Remember the otherweek when we told you that Virgin Blue were teasing the idea that they were giving away a trip on Virgin Galactic? Well they are. Or, to be more precise, they’re giving away 25 million Velocity frequent flyer points, which is enough to claim your place on a trip to space.To go in the running to win the 25 million points, you need to start acquiring Velocity points – every point gained gives you one entry to try and win the prize. They’ve tried to further entice you by getting the banks to give away 25% more points on Velocity rewards cards as well.

There’s also some other prizes on offer for those who don’t like the idea of becoming a space monkey, like a pair of Alfa Romeos, a $150,000 holiday wherever you want or a $170,000 shopping spree. But seriously, who would choose any of these over the chance to become one of the few elite people to have travelled into space?

The promotion will be running until the end of June, and is only open to Australian Velocity members, which fortunately narrows the potential winners. Now all I have to do is find a way to “take care of” all the other potential winners to guarantee my victory… Anybody want to help me out?

[25 Million PointsThanks Brian!]