Toy Fair Roundup: The Ten Best Toys For Adult Kids (a.k.a. Geeks)

Toy Fair is that rare trade show where one feel less like an industry drone and more like Tom Hanks in Big. Here are the ten best things from today's show. Yes, Zoltan!

The Original, Classic Neon Super Soaker 50: It's Back

This is What G.I. Joe Looks Like Now

Vex Walker Inspired By Terrifyingly Beautiful Beach Walkers

Nerf N-Force Swords Deliver Solid Smiting Without the Fleshwounds

Star Wars Force Trainer Brains On: Is The Force With Me?

How Long Is 5 Seconds?

Short Round and Sean Connery's Papa Jones are My New Favourite Lego Minifigs

Taste Test: Yummy Dough Edible Play-doh

Gallery: Toys That Will Make Your Children Fat

Toy Fair Action Figure Gallery: Start Your Salival Glands

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