Three Launches New Swivel Internet Key

Despite the fact that the 3 brand could disappear completely in this country as they merge with Vodafone later this year, the little-network-that-could is still popping out products. This time, it's an internet key that swivels through 270 degrees, so you can "optimise reception and position your Internet Key for ultimate convenience". Indeed.The key offers 7.2Mbps HSPA speeds in 3's capital-city centric network, and has the added bonus if a MicroSD card slot (up to 8GB), so you can use it as a proper USB thumb drive as well. It'll set you back either $199 outright, $10 a month over 24 months on either a 1GB or 3GB contract, or $5 a month on a 2GB, 6GB or 7GB contract.


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