This Might Be the Nicest Inhabitable Cave Ever

Some family out in Missouri decided five years ago to purchase a cave and build their house in it...literally. This 17,000 sq.ft. house not only has three bedrooms, but a secondary party room and a performing stage (!?).

Apparently, this property used to be some sort of musical venue called "Caveland" where the likes of Bob Seger and Ike and Tina Turner (!?!) once performed. As if the story wasn't already strange enough, the house is now for sale because the economy crashed and the family can no longer afford their balloon payment mortgage, so their attempting to sell the house for $US300,000.

Apparently the house is finished, but most of the photos show the house in an unfinished form. But whatever, because the main point here is that these people are living in a cave. And that's just crazy. [Cave House eBay via Uncrate]

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