This is What G.I. Joe Looks Like Now

This is What G.I. Joe Looks Like Now

This is Accelerator Suit Duke, and he’s been deemed the “most advanced action figure of all time.” Watch him run, watch him shoot, watch him ruin your childhood’s conception of everything that is good.

Jack pretty much nailed it after the trailer premiere during the Super Bowl: “it doesn’t really feel like G.I. Joe, you know?” Accelerator Suit Duke is about as extreme in that direction as you can imagine, but I must admit, that running-man action is pretty sweet. He’s $US70.

Thankfully, there are of course some classic 3 3/4-inch Joes accompanying the movie’s release. And they have a new, $US100 Pit playset to play in that’s pretty fantastic-complete with 70-some foot anchors for Joes to stand on (the old ones are compatible), an elevator, and even Ping-Pong table that folds out from the packaging!

And If you’ve always wanted to see Dennis Quaid in G.I. Joe form as General Hawk, your wait is over. That’s him on the left, and you can only get him packaged with the Pit playset.

[Toy Fair 2009]