The Original, Classic Neon Super Soaker 50: It's Back

For it's 20th anniversary (I can't believe Super Soakers are 20 years old!), Hasbro is bringing back the classic Soaker, complete with poignant 1989 neon, back to market. Will kids today respect the best?

They've made one slight change-no longer can you completely unscrew the lime green bottle for a quick dump-over-the-head grenade attack; it's permanently attached, and refilling goes through a screwtop behind it. In all other ways though, it's the same classic. No battery-powered backpack reservoirs or any other similar ridiculousness in sight.

Man, it feels really good in my hand. You can buy it this spring for 15 bucks; sadly, a year too late for our epic water gun Battlemodo Royale. [Toy Fair 2009]


    This is the ONE present that I really wanted as a kid.

    This is the ONE present that I was screwed out of and received a cheap chinese knock-off of instead.

    I am going to be all over this like a fat kid on a cupcake.

    I was thinking about this not so long ago. Good to see them back on the shelves! So many good summers were had with these :)

    They were awesome toys when I was 30, now I'm a touch older I still reckon they are the best domestic retraining device invented. No greater satisfaction than a point blank shot at the cat climbing the insect screens to hunt the geckos with a running follow up out to 15m :)

    how do i buy it?

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