The Obama Font Fights the Recession, Slants Left

American ingenuity, entrepreneurship and Obama will pull us out of this recession. For proof, look no further than the "44th President" font, which is based on Obama's handwriting.

The OpenType font reproduces Obama's "bold and elegant" script based on a few different sources, though it's tidied up a bit to fit neatly into lines, since Obama apparently uses the leftie style of writing diagonally against a tilted sheet of paper. (Which, as another awesome leftie, always seemed like way too much work for me, though the price of trying to write economically like a right-handed person was a perpetual ink stain on the side of my hand.)

You're probably wondering where the ingenious recession-busting entrepreneurship comes in. The font costs $US15.95, though 20 percent of the proceeds will be donated to charity. If the Obama paraphernalia cottage industry can keep innovating, it's worth at least a couple tax breaks of stimulus power.

Headline quip courtesy of BaronClytias [Insign Design]

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