The Kindle 2 Gets Disassembled

The Kindle 2 Gets Disassembled
Once again, the guys at ifixit have gotten their hands on a shiny new gadget just to tear it apart. However, they did discover some interesting bits of information about the build.

•The Kindle 2 sports a 532 MHz processor, clocking in faster than an iPhone 3G. Amazon used a 90nm ARM11-based Freescale MCIMX31L multimedia processor.

•The interior of the Kindle 2 is very functional, but not as aesthetically balanced as some of the devices we’ve disassembled.

•We demonstrated the E-Ink display’s persistence by completely disconnecting the screen from the battery. The content on the screen remained crystal clear even though there was no power to it.

•Pound for pound, it’s more expensive than the MacBook Pro 17″ Unibody we took apart last week, since the Kindle 2 weighs only 10.2 ounces.

•As many have reported, the text-to-speech was remarkably clear and surprisingly listenable.

•The Kindle 2 is thinner than the iPhone 3G, but a hair thicker than an iPod Touch.

•Completely disassembling the Kindle 2 is simple once the case is opened — we removed only 26 screws and disconnected four connectors.

Head on over to ifixit for the full break down in all its gory detail. [ifixit]