The Japanese Giant Robot Show to End All Giant Robot Shows

The Japanese Giant Robot Show to End All Giant Robot Shows

If you thought that Voltron or Power Rangers was entertaining, wait until you see Engine Oh G12. Its robot is assembled from twelve different vehicles, including a shark car.

What’s so wonderful about Engine Oh G12 is that it’s literally ballooned the genre beyond parody. The show has upped the ante of the giant vehicle-assembled robot television so immensely that it’s beyond the scope of humorous exaggeration, its components refined to such a point where every individual element is, in itself, too pure to be tainted by sophomoric prop humour.

To fully appreciate this the clip, look beyond the obvious and examine the subtleties of presentation. For instance, two vehicles are there only to serve as covers for the robot’s shoes.

Needless you say? Not at all. For the robot’s foot alone ascends to Godzillic proportions, constructing a logic in which there is nothing that mechanised god cannot kick over (other than, quite possibly, its own left foot).

I like to think that if Michelangelo had a few hundred more years to work on David, he might resemble the robot in Engine Oh G12. But maybe I’m giving Michelangelo far too much credit. [via Tokyo Mango]