The Globus Scriptorium Is An All-in One Desk, Chair and Giant Office Sphere

My ideal refuge is the ball pit from Chuck E. Cheese. But since I'm too tall to partake, I'll have to settle for the slightly less colourful but equally round Globus Scriptorium desk and chair.

Stored as a white polyurethane sphere, the Globus Scriptorium splits into hemispheres when in use—one for your rump, one for your laptop. A futurist design punctuated by luxuries like a 180 degrees of swivel and leather upholstery, the Globus Scriptorium can be yours for $US7,000.

I'd be tempted if it weren't for the ugly integrated base plate that ruins the design's curvy appeal. Well, that, and the whole paying $US7,000 thing. [Hammacher Schlemmer via Nerd Approved]

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