The Blowguard Keeps Teeth Away From Penises (NSFW)

The eternal problem of keeping teeth away from penises has been solved by a dentist (naturally). It's called the BlowGuard.

How does it work? It's essentially a mouth guard—you know, like the ones boxers use—that you use while performing oral sex. On a male.

It retails for $US28 and contains a pack of strawberry flavoured lubrication. Not sure whether or not the lube goes on the inside as well as the outside of the Blowguard, but you can use it how you like. It's a seriously good idea, as any guy who's been accidentally teethed can attest to. Not sure how it feels on the giver. Probably not that much worse than having a penis in the mouth.

Fleshbot (NSFW) will have a review of it soon. [Blowguard (NSFW)]

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