Sprint's Spring Phones: LG Rumour 2, Samsung Instinct Mini, HTC Cedar and Palm Treo Pro

Boy Genius lays bare Sprint's slate of sequel phones for the next few months, and it's actually a pretty decent lineup for the smartphone-averse.

Next month, we'll see the LG Rumour 2, a follow-up to the super popular texty slider (I know tons of people with the original). And maybe we'll see the Treo Pro, too. Maybe.

In April/May, we've got the Samsung Instinct Mini, which is a smaller, thinner (cheaper?) version of the Instinct. Not terribly exciting, given how this smartphone-wannabe platform looks a more impotent than it did a year ago, before Android, iPhone 2.0 and the Pre. Also around that time is another "mid-range" slider from LG, the LX370, which I'm sure will have a clever marketing name by then.

Further out, in June, is the HTC Cedar, which would be genuinely noteworthy if it was Sprint's first Android phone. If it's Windows Mobile, pretty shrugworthy.

No further word on the Pre, which is still lookin' like May or June. =( [BGR]

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