Sony's Sold 460,000 PS3s In Australia

This little chest-beating announcement came through yesterday while I was out playing with the HTC Dream: Sony Computer Entertainment has now sold 460,000 PS3s in Australia. Not only that, but their games attach rate is roughly 7 for every console. Who said it was all doom and gloom for Playstation?Sure, Sony is coming in third place, considering Nintendo has sold over a million Wiis and Microsoft has cracked the 500,000 mark with the Xbox 360. But both those consoles can be picked up significantly cheaper than the PS3 can, so the fact that Sony is still competitive (they're only 40,000 behind the Xbox at the moment) is a pleasant surprise (for Sony at least).

Then there's the games attach rate. Seven PS3 games for every console. That figure blows my mind... I never would have expected it to be so high. Xbox 360 owners have an average of just under 8 games per console according to their announcement last month, and there are significantly more Xbox 360 games on the market than PS3 ones.

In any case, the latest games console war is still healthy, even if Ninty have sold more Wiis than Microsoft and Sony combined...


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