Singstar Moves To Wireless Mics

The next time you get really, really drunk and decide it's a good idea to pull out the Singstar mics for some Absinthe-fuelled karaoke, you'll be able to do it without tripping over wires thanks to Sony releasing wireless mics with their next version of Singstar.The mics will work with both PS2 and PS3, a level of backwards-compatibility we haven't seen from Sony for a while. But the most interesting element of this is a single line from the press release in that the wireless mics will offer 'voice control'. There's no word on whether that means you can simply tell the game which song you want to sing or not, but needless to say we're trying to find out more. In the meantime, the mics will hit shelves to coincide with the new Singstar Pop game in April.


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