San Diego Polar Bear Cam Showing Porn

This is NSFWIYAB (Not Safe For Work If You Are a Bear), but a rare occurrence captured by the San Diego Zoo Polar Cam. Ask yourself a question, people: Do our children need Baloo porn?

It happened this morning, according to Swedish reader Madonna Arsan, who apparently has nothing else to do but to check the San Diego Zoo Polar Cam every morning looking for bears having a fun time. Unfortunately, the zoo people have changed the camera view.

Apparently, the scene is a rare occurrence because bears only mate once a year—and have one-hour orgasms, or so I am told. Which makes me wonder: Would I like to have a one-hour orgasm once a year or one hour of orgasms across a year? Hmmm.

I really don't need this kind of thinking in the morning. [Thanks Madonna]

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