Russia Launches New Full-Scale Cyber Offensive Against Foreign Country

Fun times ahead: The Neo-Soviets are at it again with their cyber wars, now launching a full scale attack on Kyrgyzstan to convince them that US military presence in their country is a bad thing. Prepare the ICBMs.

This January, the hackers targeted three of the four Internet Service Providers in the country with a distributed denial of service attack. The offensive was launched from Russian servers, and there are now several reports pointing fingers at the politicians, who may be using the Russian cyber militia or the Russian Business Network, which at 150 to 180 million nodes—according to the experts—controls the biggest botnet in the planet.

The organisation previously participated in cyber attacks against Estonia and Georgia, but this time most of the attacking Denial of Service signal came straight from Russia, rather than using computer zombies in other countries. The attack was a paid job, but analysts are suggesting this was done in this way so the Russian government could distance itself from the hostile move, which in reality is an act of war.

The motive: Apparently, the Russian government wants the closing of an airbase which was going to be used by the US military in the war in Afghanistan. Yes, the gelid wind you feel on your spine is the Cold War coming back. As if we weren't in a deep-enough hole already. [Defense Tech]

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