Rebirth of the Big Wheel: Matias Conti's Transformable Spin Vehicle

When I was a kid, my next-door neighbour Tim had Big Wheels, Green Machines and every other plastic pedal vehicle they made, but he didn't have the three-wheeled super-fluid Transformable Spin Vehicle.

Using fairly simple design principles, Matias Conti designed this concept's components to rotate, transforming from an upright tricycle to a lower-to-the-ground lightcycle-styled cruiser. Depending on which form you choose to ride, you'd apparently get a different sensation—my guess is, one is for Sunday rides, while the other fills the need for speed. Though the vehicle can be steered by two actuators, which send battery juice to the powered rear wheels, leaning would influence handling and even help steer. The mannequin looks like a kid, but clearly this electronic ride could be for anybody. I can definitely see me and my neighbour, now well in our 30s, fighting over one of these, just like back in 1981. [Core77; More from Matias Conti]

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