PS4 Coming: Playstation 3 Might Be Replaced Before the Previously Stated 10 Year Mark

Sony’s always said the PS3 would be their gaming platform for a decade, but SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) boss David Reeves said he doesn’t know if it’ll go 8, 9 or 10 years. Not sure this matters, those dates being so far out, but several things come to mind.

First off, the PS2 is still going strong after the PS3 went on sale, to mostly mainstream buyers and the existing base of gamers there who continue to buy PS2 games. So this isn’t a dead stop date by any means. Secondly, it means PS4 could be here sooner than we expect, even if David Reeves says “it’s not on the horizon”. By years. Because Sony’s mantra was previously that the PS3 was a “10-year console”.

It is possible that the point of this “8, 9 or 10 year” statement is to soften up the public for the possibility that the PS4 will come sooner rather than later.

But I think the statement, made in the context of the statement that other console makers having their systems out first, is based on outdated thinking of competition based on hardware specs alone. The PS3 is a fine piece of hardware, and its potential hasn’t been tapped in terms of making it easier to program for, and giving it true marketplace and friend finding abilities in the cloud. Work on the software, then talk about new hardware. You don’t need to hint at new machines to counter statements that competitor will have machines out first. Just work out the kinks with what you already have. [now gamer]