Prank of the Year: Comcast Tucson Airs Graphic Porn During Super Bowl (NSFW)

Tucson, Arizona was probably not the best place to watch the game last night. Partly because of the disappointing result, but mostly because of the huge, flapping penis.

With under three minutes left and just after Larry Fitzgerald's heroic comeback(ish) touchdown for the Cardinals, the video feed abruptly switched to a scene from stablemate channel Club Jenna, treating viewers to the sight of seemingly omnipresent porn guy Evan Stone swinging his junk around like a maniac. This interlude lasted about 30 seconds.

Comcast told the Arizona Daily Star that engineers have been "working throughout the night" to figure out what happened, but haven't yet come up with an explanation. It could have been a simple case of human error, but given just how wrong it all went, I'd put my money on a disgruntled outgoing employee. Video of the event below, obviously NSFW. [AZStar, image from Getty. —Thanks, Jason and Nic!]

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