Pomegranate Phone: Can Your iPhone Brew Coffee or Shave Your Face?

The masterfully-faked Pomegranate Phone is a great riff on the iPhone's it-does-everything! ads. It's a pomegranate-based design that includes an electric shaver, coffee brewer, and a harmonica. Brilliant. But what is it actually advertising?

I couldn't believe it when I saw it, but this beautiful site design and clever ad campaign comes from... the Nova Scotia Tourism Board?!

It's a great viral video, and all the little touches show that somebody's really spent some time crafting it. Part dream phone (projector with full HD?) and part whimsy (the harmonica is hilarious), this is one of the best viral campaigns I've ever seen. I love the pitch-perfect narrator, the slick site design, and the fruit-based mockery (Apple + Blackberry = Pomegranate?). Of course, as soon as I found out it was an ad for Nova Scotia, I stopped paying attention. [Pomegranate Phone]

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