Pirate Bay Trial Watch Day 8: We Wanted to Sue Google Too

Pirate Bay Trial Watch Day 8: We Wanted to Sue Google Too

On the stand is John Kennedy, CEO of the IFPI, who’s leading this crusade against The Pirate Bay. Ignorance is bliss, which is why they almost sued Google for killing the music industry too.

Here are the revelations from International Federation of the Phonographic Industry’s Mr. Kennedy:

• The music industry was happier than a pig in bacon-sprinkled shit about winning the Grokster and Kazaa cases, but the Pirate Bay rising out of those ashes peed on their party.

• The damages they’ve been seeking against companies and people are “justified and maybe even conservative, since the damage is immense.” YOU’RE KILLING A WHOLE INDUSTRY GUYZ.

• The music industry is dying.

• The music industry is dying.

• No really, you guys are killing it like a baby endangered seal with diamond fur.

• Oh ho ho, surprise, Kennedy has no idea how BitTorrent or even, hahahaha, The Pirate Bay actually works and doesn’t know why the IFPI hasn’t sued file sharers themselves, a la the RIAA’s outrageously successful campaign in the US.

• If Google had not declared themselves to be a partner of the IFPI—whatever that means—the IFPI was going to sue them too. Earlier, he’d said the difference between The Pirate Bay and Google is that TPB gives you 1000 filtered results of all pirated material, whereas Google gives you 40 million results, mostly legit, to sort through.

• Swedish Film Institute dude reveals that the way they calculate damages from file sharing is stupid: If there are say, 1 million downloaders total, they use a movie’s real marketshare in theatres to estimate how many of that 1 million downloaded the movie, and then guesstimate the damages.

• Apparently, the Swedish dude crossed his fingers when he took the oath, reports brokep himself via Twitter.

• If you didn’t catch it, Threat Level reports the prosecutors changed the charges again to make it more likely they’ll get a conviction, so they won’t have to prove all of the elements they originally proposed. Sneaky.

So what did we learn today? The music industry peoples are broken records (har har) and Google is almost as bad The Pirate Bay, except it has a lot more zeroes in your search results. Good times. [TorrentFreak]