Pioneer Committed To Your Kuro Plasma Warranty

Even though Pioneer is breaking up with the plasma TV business, they want you to know that they’ll still be around to look after the kids (in this case, your Kuro panel) at least while the warranty is still valid. Which means at least another five years for LX models or three years for their C series.They also anticipate that they’ll sell out by spring, thanks to lots of people wanting to get the world’s best TV before they all disappear.

Pioneer Australia committed to honouring all plasma warranties.

Pioneer Australia pledges its commitment to honouring all existing and future plasma warranties, despite plans by the parent company to withdraw from the global flat panel display market by no later than March 2010.

Pioneer Australia will maintain its after-sales service for plasma, ensuring all consumers will be able to continue to benefit from their applicable plasma warranties.

“Naturally, Pioneer Australia continues to support consumers who purchase our plasma screens with a committed five year warranty on all KURO LX-series and monitor screens, as well as a three year warranty on the C-series model.

Pioneer Australia will uphold its after-sales support on plasma well beyond the company’s official exit from the flat panel market.

In other words, consumers and retailers can continue to count on Pioneer,” says Toshio Izumi, managing director of Pioneer Electronics Australia.

With last Thursday night’s global announcement by Pioneer Corporation sparking increased local demand for its plasma screens, Pioneer anticipates its award-winning KURO range may sell-out as early as Spring 2009.

Pioneer is already working on new strategies for the Australian market. Going forward, Pioneer Australia will return to its roots of audio, home audio and mobile electronics (car audio and navigation) as well as Pro DJ.

For more information about Pioneer’s ongoing support to its plasma warranty, please call Pioneer’s Customer Care Centre on 1800 988 268.

Consumers can also submit their enquiries via the Pioneer website: