Pantech IM-S410: The First Phone Operated by Stank Breath

Your smartphone is cute...kind of a novelty, though, really. Sure, it puts worldwide communication in your pocket. But can it recognise wind?

And no, we don't mean wind-microphone attenuation. We mean, can it recognise how hard you are blowing into the phone? Because the IM-S410 features "Wind Recognition" that allows you navigate photos, videos and games by blowing into the phone.

For instance, in a bundled game, you can blow on a flower to watch its pedals float away. During a call, you can blow into the mic to send your companion an emoticon (what were you thinking?). Or, if we're reading the translation correctly, you can even blow into the phone to take pictures—which might actually cause less shaking than pushing a button.

There are, of course, other features to the IM-S410/S410K. But we're just concerned with the ones that blow. [Pantech via Akihabara News]

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