Palm OS Is Dead, Long Life Pre and Windows Mobile

The Palm OS is a dead duck. Palm's CEO Ed Colligan has signed its death sentence today. But while there will be no more new Palm OS products, their Windows Mobile smarty-panty-phones will survive (!): Talking to investors today, Colligan said there was no point in keeping on with its development. • No more Palm OS devices to be released by Palm. Only third-parties will do them. • From now on, it's only webOS (the operating system in the Pre, pronounced "huevos" in Spanish, which means "eggs" or "cojones") and Windows Mobile devices. • He also talked Apple, saying they didn't want to get into a patent fight because they also had a big portfolio and it may turn nasty for both. Originally developed by US Robotics in 1996, the Palm OS leaves a long list of children, grandchildren, some bastards here and there, and a lot of die-hard users behind. It will join the Amiga OS and Be OS in the land of the cool-stuff-that-is-gone-gone. [PreCentral]

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