Paco Cube Contains All Your Living Needs in 3 Square Metres

Paco, a prefab mobile studio, takes all your living needs and puts it into a single three-square-metre cube. Designed by Jo Nagasaka, the cube is supposed to be a sleek home away from home.

It's actually pretty amazing what Nagasaka and Schemata Architecture (his firm) have been able to put in such a small space. There's a kitchen, a folding table, secret toilet, umbrella-style shower attachment and sleeping hammock.

The cube also features a "convertible" top, which can open up to allow in ventilation and natural light. While it's not a place you'd quite want to live in forever, it's certainly an incredibly functional get-away. Too bad the price tag is ridiculous: $US68,000. [Paco via Cscout Japan]

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