On-Off Lamp Brings Out Your Homicidal Tendencies, Turns Off When You Break Its Neck

I suppose most lamps would turn off if you snapped them in half, but unlike the rest, the On-Off lamp concept is actually designed to take such abuse.

Created by Reddish Design Studio, the On-Off table lamp has a hinge/break point in the middle of its neck/stem that turns off when detached, and comes back to life when you put it back together. The creators say it's meant "to highlight the user's intervention in the product, but it just seems like an outlet for displaced anger to me.

I could just imagine the wonderfully dysfunctional things one could say to the lamp while using it:

"I'm sorry lamp, I only did it because I love you"...

"If you weren't so bright, I wouldn't have to break you in half"...

"It only happens when my power bill is high. You know I'm not like this normally." [Reddish via Dvice]

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