Okay, Which One Of You Hacked The Queensland Road Signs?

hacked road sign.jpgWe know it was one of you. All the pieces of the puzzle fit. I mean, what kind of person would find the idea of hacking into a digital road sign funny, if not a Gizmodian? Not to mention that we sort of mentioned just how easy the entire process was.I should point out that we don't condone this kind of behaviour, no matter how much it makes us laugh. As the Ben Dillaway article on goldcoast.com.au points out, the prank has the "potential to kill". Especially if the laughter overcomes your driving abilities and you end up driving off a cliff. Hey, it could happen.

On top of the "Nobody has ever loved you" message, the pranksters (you know who you are) also programmed in "All your signs are belong to us" and the fan favourite: "Warning Zombies ahead."

So, as I'm sure the roads ministers around the country will agree with me, I hope that nobody else comes up with some witty comment that will cause inadvertent hilarity when hacked into a road sign...

[Goldcoast.com.au - Thanks Andrew!] [Photo source: Michael Ross, Goldcoast.com.au]

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