Nokia E75 Hands On Video: Shiny Slick Boredom

Nokia E75 Hands On Video: Shiny Slick Boredom

Remember the old Nokia Communicators, those smartphones with email and applications that were fuglier and bigger than Herman Munster’s left shoe? Yeah, me neither. Here’s the heir, according to today’s Nokia conference: The Nokia E75.

A lot of nice things can be say about the new Nokia E75, the allegedly 21st Century successor to the Nokia Communicator.

The hardware is well designed, feels solid and polished. Grabbing it feels good, and the size is acceptable, specially compared to the old Communicator. The software is pure Nokia, and it comes with free Ovi mail services-which links you to every mail system out there. As I said, all nice.

That’s how the Nokia E75 is: Shiny, polished, nice. A shiny, polished nice brick of bore. Because looking at the alternatives, the iPhone, the G1, the Sony Ericsson Idou, and the Windows Mobile HTCs, the Nokia E75-and all of their phones, really-is just that: Boring. Boredom with an old interface that feels from 1990, with tiny icons and packed with tiny text everywhere on a tiny screen.

Of course, a mobile phone doesn’t have to excite you. But, with the E75, it just feels like Nokia is not even trying to follow on the advances of other mobile phones, preferring to stay in Symbian-la-la-land rather than really breaking the mould and putting themselves ahead. At the end, everything is about the software and usability, and this is where the E75 fails and falls into a hole of bore.