No Paid Apps For Aussie Android Users For A Few Months

Considering that the HTC Dream, Australia's first Android-powered handset, hit shelves the same time Google announced that paid apps were coming to the Android Market, you'd be forgiven for hoping that the two events would blend together into one homogeneous announcement of tasty app goodness. Sadly, this is not the case.As any of you who have rushed out to pick up the HTC Dream will have already discovered, only free apps are available through the Market program on your phone in Australia. We asked Google about it, and while they couldn't give us a firm launch date, they did say they'll "add end user support for additional countries in the coming months."

Of course, you can still purchase paid apps from each Android developers website, but the convenience of using the Android Market is still a few months away, sadly.

On a side note, how many of you rushed out to pick up the HTC Dream from Optus this week? What do you guys think?

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