Next-Generation iPhone 3G To Arrive In June, The Arabs Say

The iPhone 3G is finally arriving to Etisalat—the censoring dreadful mobile phone provider in the United Arab Emirates—but the interesting part is that they are hinting at a June release for the next version:

The latest 3G model will become available on February 15 according to Dow Jones, and etisalat will be targeting private and business users. Both post-paid and prepaid subscribers will be able to use the product and voice, data and SMS services will be available. And the next version of the device, which is due out in June, will be launched in the UAE at the same time.

While the article doesn't specifically quote Mark Davis, Programme Director for iPhone at etisalat, on the June release, it seems like the piece of information may have been dropped by Davis himself, given that all the article seems to be based on an interview with him. June seems like a logical release time, but this is the first time that there's a mention of a new version coming around that date. [Business 24-7 via Shuffle-Gazine]

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