New Pico Projectors Offer DVD-Quality Resolution

New Pico Projectors Offer DVD-Quality Resolution

Guess which version is the second gen DLP Pico projector. (Hint: It’s the smaller one on the right that’s better in every way.)

There’s really nothing exciting about micro projectors now other than where they can go. And TI’s second generation projector is a promising step to mobile media “is that HD in your pocket?” nirvana. 20% smaller than the first Pico (and, maybe more importantly, 20% thinner as well), the new Pico projects an 854×480 (DVD quality) image with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The missing spec is, of course, probably the most important one—brightness.

Still, how cool is that picture? Really cool. OK? Really cool.

AU: Obviously the US has a different view on what DVD quality is with their NTSC standard. PAL regions have 576 lines, which this doesn’t quite manage.

[TI via bbGadgets]