Network 10's HD Sports Channel Going Live March 26

onehd-logo2.jpgDespite the fact that Channel 10 seem to persistently run behind Seven and Nine in the ratings, they are the leading Australian network when it comes to HD programming. But, those of you who have been enjoying watching your favourite programs in HD on 10 are going to be bitterly disappointed come March 26 when the network switches their HD programming to cover sport and sport alone.According to TV Tonight, the 24-hour HD sports channel will kick off at 7:30 pm on Thursday March 26, and lead into a massive weekend of HD sports, including live first round AFL action, the swimming Australia SKINS event, and the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

If you're not a sports fan, well, then you'll probably be spending a bit less time with 10, because they'll also be using their second SD channel to broadcast the exact same content as HD. While that may be frustrating for some viewers, it does make a lot of sense for the television network, considering how much talk there is about a lack of TV advertising dollars.

And if you are a sports fan... well, enjoy. I just hope 10 get the rights to rebroadcast the Super 14 - rugby union is seriously neglected by the FTA networks in this country...

[TV Tonight]

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