Nerf N-Strike Raider CS-35: Lil' Dick Tracy's Automatic Tommy Gun With 35-Dart Drum Magazine

Nerf just can't stop. Last year it was Rambo Jr.'s Vulcan Gatling gun, and now they've raised the bar again-the CS-35 shoots 35 darts from a rotating drum magazine with pump-action auto fire. Holy shit.

As you can see, it's autofire that still depends on your pump-action to squeeze out the darts, and you can switch between single shot mode and the 35-dart drum-emptying automatic mode. But with no batteries to change or electric mechanisms to break, this is the rapid-fire gun dart of choice at the moment. Nerf just unveiled it here at Toy Fair, and it's the best thing they've got by far.

Word is you can also detach the drum mag for use with the other N-Strike gear. Modular Nerf guns! Nice! It's coming in the Fall of this year for $US35. [Toy Fair 2009]

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