NBA All Stars and Their Custom PS3s

Sony cranked out some personalised PlayStation 3 consoles for an NBA All Star weekend party, further reminding we hop-less whities, with our silly stock PS3s, that we are not pro ballers.

It's nice to know the new logo-emblazoned consoles weren't only for those on the '09 All Star roster: there's Al Harrington with one of several Obama-tagged PS3s, and there's the Rockets' Argentinean terror, big man Luis Scola with some kind of geometric doodling.

Actually, the Shepard Fairey print seems to be pretty popular—Thaddeus Young and actual All Star Paul Pierce also have it. Aside from LeBron's KING JAMES, Obama's mug seems to be the go-to adornment for an NBA baller's custom gaming console in 2009. Good info to keep filed away. All of them can expect to hear from AP's lawyers within 30 days. [PS3 Blog/Flickr via Kotaku]

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