Mobile Phones Don't Kill People, Crazy Homemade Guns Kill People

Not surprisingly, it turns out that there was more to the story behind the mysterious death of a Chinese computer salesman. Apparently, it was a crazy homemade gun that killed him—not an exploding mobile phone.

The police have told newspapers that the man was carrying some sort of homemade firing device and nine bullets stashed in a separate bag. They believe that the man accidentally dropped it, causing the gun to discharge or explode—severing his carotid artery and destroying the mobile phone he had stashed in his shirt pocket.

That explanation creates more questions than it solves, but for now the authorities have not revealed any further details on the incident or the device he may have been carrying. Is this some sort of cover-up to prevent widespread panic over potentially dangerous mobile phone knockoffs or was it simply an unfortunate incident involving a man trying to protect himself in an area where crime rates are skyrocketing? [Telegraph]

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