Microsoft Admits Defeat, Will Patch Windows 7 Security Hole

Who said whiny bloggers can't get anything done? Microsoft admits they screwed up with the User Account Control security hole, and how they responded to it. It'll be patched in the next Windows 7 release.

Here's what that patch entails:

First, the UAC control panel will run in a high integrity process, which requires elevation. That was already in the works before this discussion and doing this prevents all the mechanics around SendKeys and the like from working. Second, changing the level of the UAC will also prompt for confirmation.

In other words, a script you download can't disable User Account Control without you getting a warning flag that it's being disabled.

Even if Microsoft did resist at first, it definitely deserves props for listening to users and making the changes in the end, even if on one level (absolute consistency) it was kind of right. [Engineering Windows 7 via Technologizer]

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