Mankind's Extreme State of Mind According to Google

Sometimes, Google gives you these amazing pearls of insight into the world's state of mind:

Go into Google in Firefox and type "I am extremely" in the search box. You will get these most searched queries:

• 12,300,000 pages with people saying they are extremely tired
• 11,100,000 pages of extremely tired people
• 4,750,000 pages of extremely depressed
• 3,580,000 extremely shy
• 930,000 extremely pleased (only?)
• 839,000 extremely grateful
• 769,000 extremely happy (like me)
• 377,000 extremely jealous
• 321,000 extremely lonely
• 303,000 extremely terrified of chinese people (probably because they saw Jason Chen's pants powers)

I can't believe there's no results for "I am extremely horny." [Thanks Mona]

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