Machinery With Organisational Fetishes Come to Life in Stop Motion Short

Since CGI has rendered stop-motion filmmaking all but obsolete, it's nice to see someone doing something fresh with the format. In this case, John Douglas Powers has created a mini-masterpiece using various machinery.

In the short, entitled "The Collector," a helping hand, in a very Wall-e-esque manner, roams the landscape in search of various objects it can catalog and add to it's sizable stash. Somehow this leads to a Peacock feather sprouting from a hole once occupied by a screw, and is subsequently collected in a glass tube.

Not sure what that has to do with anything, but I cant complain, seeing as the style kinda reminds me of the early Gumby cartoons I hold near and dear to my heart...but without the clay and all. [John Douglas Powers via Make]

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