Mac Vs. PC: Who’s the More Considerate BitTorrent Software Thief?

Mac Vs. PC: Who’s the More Considerate BitTorrent Software Thief?
TorrentFreak checked some seed and leech numbers of Mac, Windows, and Linux software to see who’s got the nicer ratio. The results aren’t without issues, but do suggest that Windows users/thieves are more polite.

First, the caveat, and it’s definitely a biggie. These numbers don’t necessarily point to specifically Mac, Windows, or Linux users: Windows users may download Linux software, Mac users may download Windows software, and so forth. So this is not any kind of ironclad test. But it is a fair assumption that there is a strong correlation between platform and software downloaded, and these numbers are different enough to at least suggest that Windows users do indeed share more than either Mac or Linux users.

The Pirate Bay, the web’s largest tracker, was the source used for these numbers, and showed clearly that Windows software share ratio is more than twice that of Mac or Linux, at 2.55. Mac software clocked in at 1.19 and Linux at 1.39.

This information doesn’t say anything more than that Windows software is both more popular to pirate (duh, more users and all) and also has a much higher average share ratio. Any conclusions you folks want to draw from that is up to you, but here are a few ready-made conclusions I’ve composed.

1. Windoze sux.
2. Linux pwns.
3. Mactards are greedy little punks with no consideration for their fellow petty crooks.
4. A test conducted by comparing clients used to download the software would be way more interesting and accurate.
5. Battlestar Galactica was really good this week.